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Driveway Cleaning By MossRemoval

If you have ever had to Jet wash your own driveway, paving or Patio, I bet at some point you thought

“I wish I could get someone else to do this for me”.

We have brand new industrial scale high pressure washing equipment to achieve far better results than the usual domestic “Jet Washers” can ever hope to produce. Our Honda petrol powered pressure washer is four times as powerful and completes the task in a fraction of the time of a domestic system. High pressure cleaning is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to clean your property or commercial environment.

High pressure cleaning an excellent way of removing dirt and stubborn stains, however certain algae and Lichen, a common question we get asked “How do you remove those hideous black spots?” MossRemoval has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and can happily remove bacteria and fungus that may lurk in your patio paving, driveway or commercial premises!

Black spots are stubborn and even hours of pressure washing will not remove them.

The more you pressure wash, the more you damage the surface of your stonework

leaving it porous and susceptible to frost damage. Mossremoval has invested in the

IPS Pro Independent Power Sprayer to handle those difficult areas.

MossRemoval can INSTALL or SUPPLY a

comprehensive high quality range of block paving/Imprinted Concrete sealers for DIY and to the

Trade user. Our sealer for block paving/Imprinted Concrete and joint stabilising products are suitable most types of Concrete/Clay block paving and Natural Stone.

Picture Guide to Driveway, Patio Cleaning and Sealing

Glide through the Pictures below in your own time

Call or email us now to arrange a free no obligation quotation

Discounts available for Senior/Disabled Citizens and

for Present and Ex Forces Personnel

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