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Tarmac & Asphalt Renovation Services

STOP don’t go to the expense of installing a new driveway before you have considered our tarmac refurbishment service at a fraction of the cost of installing new.

The benefit of the treatments using various sealants offered for paved surfaces is well known, but other surfaces also lose their original texture and colour such as tarmac.

Need to paint on asphalt, concrete, pavement, masonry, or sport fields? Then you need Tarmacoat from Rustoleum. 

Tarmacoat is a tough, flexible acrylic paint for tarmac or asphalt. You can use it to colour and protect asphalt and tarmac drives, paths, car parks, and playgrounds. It's easy to apply, and also for line marking and coating in plant rooms and light industrial areas.

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Discounts available for Senior/Disabled Citizens and for Present and Ex Armed Forces Personnel

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